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Student Workshops

Below you will find the different workshop courses we provide for Elementary, Middle and High School. 

Courses can be customized to fit the needs of each school

ranging from a one-time workshop up to a year-long program.

Want something you don't see?

Technology Class

Junior Engineers

In this course students will create 3 - 4 different robotic mechanisms and learn about the engineering process. Student will get to keep and take home their creations.



Students will learn how to build and code motorized mechanism to perform different tasks each lesson using the SPIKE Essential LEGO kit. 

Technology Class

Tinker's Engine

In this mechanical engineering course students will learn how to build complex mechanism using SPIKE Prime LEGO robotics. We highlight the importance of testing and iterating designs.



Using EV3 or LEGO SPIKE Prime kits students will build robots and learn how to code them. They will learn all about sensors and motion.


Drone Academy

In this course student will learn how to pilot drones. They will also learn how to code autonomous programs allowing the drones to complete tasks without a driver control.


REVing Robots

In this advance robotics course students will build robots using a REV Robotics or Tetrix robot kit. Learning how to design and build a drivebase and different manipulators.


Robo Python

Using Lego EV3 or SPIKE Prime kits students will learn how to build robots and code in python. Learning about computational thinking and algorithms.


Virtual Robotics

Students will learn how to code and control a virtual robot.

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