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Women's History Month: STEAM Innovators

Steamworks is celebrating Women in STEAM! Read here to see how Steamworks is working to empower their female students to become future STEAM innovators.

The month of March sets the world's eyes on a remarkable number of women, both past and present, that have fought to have the world recognize the untapped reservoir of talent that exists within every industry. Steamworks Robotics is striving to bridge this gap by providing a STEAM education program that empowers young women by means of strengthening their confidence and conviction in their own ideas. Accompanying this wonderful program is our all female instructor team that is no doubt setting a strong example as STEAM innovators for our female students. Here at Steamworks Robotics, we see the future that lies ahead with women spearheading in the world of science and hope that one day we will work side by side with our students to continue growing this industry and providing innovation to the world.


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